All our meetings are conducted under the same policy. Regardless of it being a Tent Meeting, Revival Meeting, Bible Study, VBS/TENT Meeting, or any other type of meeting. We only ask that a love offering be taken at each service and given to SCM at the conclusion of the meeting.  If you would rather have a donation box that is fine as well.  Any offerings should be promoted by the pastor, and will not be promoted by any of our staff.

We do not request any travel expenses nor any lodging and meal expenses, however if given we appreciate it very much!   If possible our team prefers to park on the church property, however we will require RV hookups for electric and water.  We do not run extension cords thru windows or door.  With the high power needed in the modern RVs, there is a danger of fire when that is done.  Depending upon the type of meeting we do, we could have up to three RV Trailers in our team.


SCM has two tents which we can use for meetings if required.  We do not charge a fee for the tents, nor do we rent or loan our tents.   There are some requirements that must be met before the tents can be used.

1.  The Large tent, seating about 250, will need at least 8 men to help set up.  Any less, we will not be able to           erect the tent.  The smaller tent, seating about 100, will need at least 3 men to help set up.

2. When we use the tents, we furnish the tent, side curtains, pulpit, lights and sound system if needed.

3. The area needs to be clear of any overhead structures and of brush, trees etc for the area.  The large tent is 40  x 60, and will require an area of 60 x-100 feet to accommodate for the stakes.  The smaller tent is 30 x30, and    will require an area approximately 50 x 50 to set up.   The site must have rest room facilities and  electric  available.

4. Your church or organization must furnish all chairs and tables needed.  Trash containers should be provided. Also, rest room facilities must be available for those attending to use.