One of the specialized ministries we are involved with: The VBS/TENT MTG.

This is where our team comes to your church and conducts a VBS meeting of the morning, and a Tent Mtg that evening, with the last evening's service a commencement service for the VBS.

Our team will come, furnishing the VBS material, as well as everything needed to conduct the meeting, with a noon meal for the children each day!

One of our team members, Bob Whitchurch and his sidekick, "Ralphie!"  Bob and his wife Donna does a great job with VBS.



The old fashioned tent meetings still work to draw unchurched people!   With approximately 70 % of the unchurched in the USA, former church members, this could very well make a difference in reaching them to encourage them back into the flock and serve the Lord!    Check our information about doing a tent meeting for your church!


We have many great Bible Studies we can conduct on a range of topics of interest.  We have everything we need to preform the study, all the equipment, projector, sound etc.

We often are asked to do these instead of a traditional Winter Bible Study because of the topics are of importance to today's society!

Here is a list of some of the presentations we offer:

The Signs of the Second Coming
America's Spiritual Challenges
Christian Persecution
The History of the English Bible
The Rope of Redemption
Teachings and Parables from the Book of Mark
The Book of James
God, Israel and the USA
Doctrines of the Bible
The Antichrist, His Rise, Rule and Ruin
Dealing With Addictions


This has become a very popular type meeting!  We have conducted these in RV Parks, on ranches and farms, in city parks, ball fields as well as in the church buildings!

These were started because in today's society, most families are very busy with work, school, and other activities.  To attend a revival in the evenings is difficult for them. This is due to having to prepare a family meal before service.  To encourage attendance, our team will prepare and serve an evening meal.  Give us a call to see what we can do for your church, you may be surprised how inexpensive it can be;  Plus, your people do not have to do the work, our team does it all   PLEASE SEE PICTURES OF SUCH EVENTS ON OUR PICTURE PAGE!

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J.D. and Lucinda Couch, great team members!  She is a great pianist and singer.  J.D. also sings, leads music and teaches.